Geoff Fong, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1999


Geoffrey Fong, DTA 1999
In his ten years at the University of Waterloo, professor Geoffrey T. Fong of the Department of Psychology has demonstrated his teaching excellence over a very broad range of courses - from large introductory lecture courses to small honours seminars, from courses on psychological theories to courses on advanced statistics and methodology, and from on-campus to distance education courses. In all, professor Fong has displayed boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, and he has inspired thousands of students to share his intellectual excitement and passion for psychology. Professor Fong is a captivating lecturer who communicates complex material simply, using a combination of humour, analogy, and examples from everyday life to make his subject matter come to life. He encourages students to use their life experiences to better understand psychology and to use psychology to better understand their life experiences. His courses are rigorous and demanding, but he also provides students with an exceptional level of support and assistance that encourages them to do their best. Many students have benefited from his accessibility, warmth, and willingness to engage in discussions that extend beyond the boundaries of the course material. Put simply, professor Fong cares deeply for his students and endeavours to nurture their intellectual lives not only in the classroom but outside it.