Geoff Hayes, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2001


Geoffrey Hayes began as a part-time lecturer in the history department in 1989. He is currently an associate professor teaching Hist 254 (Canadian History: The National Period) and Hist 388 (Modern Canada). The students comment that “in both classes, his dynamic lecturing abilities and his pure enthusiasm and enjoyment of history was equally great and inspiring.” The structure of his classes and discussions is obviously chosen with care to provide the students with the best opportunity, and most effective means, to learn. Professor Hayes incorporates technology into the classroom using PowerPoint in presenting his lecture topics in addition to using the traditional tools of blackboards and overheads. The use of PowerPoint allows him to add new elements to his lectures, such as scanned photographs and diagrams which enhance the text and subject by helping to bring it alive to the audience. Professor Hayes selects readings which challenge his students and helps expand their knowledge of the subject. He selects readings from academic as well as from popular magazines of the period, which offer different perspectives worth consideration when examining the historical implications of an event or idea. There is no doubt that the combination of well-thought-out lectures and discussions, along with professor Hayes' natural charisma and teaching ability leads all his students to a heightened understanding, appreciation and enthusiasm for Canadian history. One student comments that “I do not have any hesitation in saying that any student, regardless of academic background, would feel at ease in professor Hayes' presence and become intrigued in the topics due to his emarkable ability to draw attention to the subject and make all aspects of the subject interesting.”