Jee-Hae Lim, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2016

School of Accounting and Finance

Picture of Jee-Hae Lim.
Since she joined the University of Waterloo in June 2006, Lim has been credited for taking a course that students approached with trepidation and turning it into a course that students love. She is known for establishing a personal connection with students, even in large classes – by learning names, doing homework checks in the classroom, and offering career advice during her office hours. One undergraduate described Lim as “dynamic in the classroom, supportive during office hours (regular and extended), and overall a great instructor and person to interact with.” Lim’s innovative assignments are designed to get students to extend their knowledge beyond the classroom and the textbook. An alumna commented that, “Jee-Hae is like an invisible hand, gently pushing from behind, [and] encouraging people to accomplish that which at first seems impossible, pausing and applauding as each milestone is reached before gently pushing again towards an even higher goal.” One of Lim’s colleagues wrote that, “She brings the same analytical and comprehensive approach to delivering her courses that she brings to developing her research. In both cases, her performance is exemplary.”