Jeff Casello, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2013

School of Planning

Jeff Casello, an associate professor in the School of Planning cross-appointed to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, began his career at Waterloo on July 1, 2004 . He is also the associate dean for undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Environment. Students laud his delivery skills, describing him as an “easy lecturer to listen to: easy-going and passionate at the same time”. His lectures are suffused with a supportive energy and a “commitment to environmental protection and social justice”. As one student claims, “by the end of the term, a sense of social responsibility has been grown in many of my peers”. The depth of his commitment to teaching is evidenced by his mentorship of both undergraduates and graduates, despite his many responsibilities. Casello’s guidance with his students’ academic and professional endeavors, and his salient efforts to engage his students cement his status as a “distinguished teacher”.