John Wainwright, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1976

Applied Mathematics

John Wainwright joined the Department of Applied Mathematics in 1967 as an Assistant Professor. He has served as an associate professor since 1973. Dr. Wainwright is an active scholar in the field of relativity theory in which he has published a number of articles and supervised graduate students for the degrees of MMath and PhD. His teaching ranges from graduate seminars in his specialty field, through regular math courses including “toughies” like second year calculus, to service courses to engineering students. As a teacher, Dr. Wainwright has earned the respect and friendship of his students and his colleagues. To quote from his nomination, he possesses "rare skills such as simplicity of exposition combined with rigour" and from a second-year student: "Wainwright should participate in teaching workshops - teaching others to teach," and again from his dean, "he talks with considerable authority and this is sensed by the audience. I believe this authority arises because he is a most conscientious research worker who produces good and meticulous research, and there is a perfectionist attitude in everything he does. Hence one is very much left with a feeling that he not only speaks with enthusiasm but that he spends a considerable amount of time in preparing his lectures."