Lowell Ewert, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2020

Peace and Conflict Studies, Conrad Grebel

Lowell Ewert Portrait
Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Lowell Ewert, is well known at the University of Waterloo for teaching others about the importance of Peace and Conflict studies. By Lowell bringing real-life scenarios, guest lecturers, and his own experience into the classroom he equips his students with the tools they need. As a former student wrote, “He has had endless enthusiasm for his work, and the work of his colleagues in other departments, sectors, and countries.” Ewert is said to help guide his students into new directions and inspire them to incorporate their interests into their studies and careers. Seen as a mentor for some, he challenges his students to become more involved in the field and step outside their comfort zone. Ewert has served as a constant support in the lives on many of his students, ranging from working with undergraduate projects and clubs, or sitting on PhD committees. His teaching style is also notable: one student noted that he “uses visualizations in the classroom to overcome the burden of conventional teaching methods.” His unique way of teaching changes the way his students think about things. It is clear that Ewert has a strong commitment to those he teaches and is highly appreciated for his kindness.