Mary Teresa Malone, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1992

Religious Studies, St. Jerome's College

Mary Malone's association with St. Jerome's College and the University of Waterloo dates from the early '70s, though her appointment as a full-time member of the Department of Religious Studies begins formally in 1987. Mary Malone has proven to be exemplary not simply as a classroom instructor, but as an embodiment of the classical ideal that one must teach in practice before one presumes to teach in word. Mary Malone is an admirable instructor both within the classroom and without. As the dean of St. Jerome's has observed: “Were you or the members of the Distinguished Teacher Awards committee to spend a day with Mary Malone and were you able to see her interact with students of all ages you would be quite overwhelmed by the admiration and affection that these students have for her.” Mary's talent, in the words of one student, is not simply to be “informative but also to challenge her students to think and to develop their own vision.” Another student remarks that “Mary is so intriguing that you can hardly wait for each class.”