TA Workshop Facilitator (Graduate Student)

Email: janet.jones@uwaterloo.ca

Janet JonesJanet Jones is a PhD student in the Applied Philosophy stream. In 2020, she was named a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar. Her research interests include feminist epistemology, social metaphysics, and solidarity. Janet is the editorial assistant at Feminist Philosophy Quarterly and a member of the Canadian Harm Reduction Theory Network. Inspired by her volunteer work in the community, she specifically works on topics related to drug addiction, harm reduction, and relational ethics. As part of her Applied Research Placement, she is currently developing a harm reduction strategy for people who do not use drugs.

Janet is passionate about teaching because she knows the impact that an instructor can have on students. She is interested in learning more about how instructors can encourage dialogue and creative thinking in the classroom, and she is looking forward to sharing that knowledge with you!

University of Waterloo