Collaboration and Teamwork Community of Practice

The Waterloo Collaboration and Teamwork Community of Practice offers a unique opportunity for instructors – as well as those who study collaboration and teamwork -- to connect with their peers to share examples, experiences, ideas, and best practices around collaboration, teamwork and group work in education. 

This community of practice is part of a larger LITE-grant funded project on building collaborative capacity to teach students how to collaborate effectively, both within and across disciplines. Our plan is four-fold

  1. to conduct an environmental scan of existing expertise and resources at UW related to collaboration (this includes both teaching and scholarship),
  2. establish the community of practice where experts and instructors can share knowledge and ideas,
  3. identify and gather external resources that can help facilitate teaching students how to work well in a team, and
  4. disseminate these resources online and possibly via in-person workshops. We have an undergraduate Research Assistant from Knowledge Integration assisting with these activities.

The Waterloo Collaboration and Teamwork Community of Practice is co-organized by the Department of Knowledge Integration and Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE). For more information, please contact Scott Anderson (Centre for Teaching Excellence) and Katie Plaisance (Department of Knowledge Integration) at