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At any university, faculty members are surrounded by peers who engage in brilliant research, collegial service, and excellent teaching. 

Of these three activities, the first two are easily witnessed: with a click of a few buttons, we can access research published by colleagues, and in committee meetings we see the skill and dedication with which colleagues serve their departments and faculties.

The third activity – teaching – is less visible. Teaching typically happens behind the closed door of a classroom, where students witness and experience the teaching practice of their instructor, but colleagues are left, so to speak, in the dark. 

To help bring the excellent teaching of colleagues to light, CTE is developing a series of "teaching stories": brief profiles of Waterloo instructors whose teaching is especially effective, innovative, or otherwise noteworthy. The purpose of these teaching stories is to honour excellent teaching in its own right, and to share good practices that can inspire or benefit other Waterloo instructors. 

To read our teaching stories, click on the photos below.

Bryan Grimwood        Bryan
Naila Keleta-Mae       Naila
Troy Glover        Troy
Robert Sproule        Robert
Laura Johnson         Laura
Katherine Acheson     Katherine
Christine Moresoli       Christine
Greta Kroeker        Greta
Steve Furino         Steve
Katie Misener         Katie
Christine McWebb       Christine
Owen Gallupe

Firas Mansour        Firas

Mary Louise McAllister
    Mary Louise
BJ Rye


Hilary Bergsieker
Brendon Larson      Brendon
Bill Power          Bill
Robert Danisch          Robert
Rohan Jaysundera        Rohan
Jasmin Habib       Jasmin
​        Habib
Ian Rowlands
Reza Ramezan          Reza

Shannon Dea

Geoff Malleck        Geoff
Stephan Idziak        Stefan
Scott Leatherdale        Scott
Mat Schulze           Mat
Cyntha Struthers        Cyntha
Marcel Pinheiro
Sue Stathopulos         Sue
Kelly Anthony
Veronica Kitchen      Veronica
Jonathan Fugelsang     Jonathan
Gord Stubley      Gordon
Gary Bruce         Gary
Barbara Schmenk      Barbara
Fiona Dunbar        Fiona
Jason Grove         Jason
James Skidmore        James
Jonathan Witt       Jonathan
Tamara Maciel        Tamara
Derek Suderman         Derek
Kanstantsin Tsedryk     Kanstantsin
Joe Sanderson       Joseph
Simron Singh       Simron
Patricia Hrynchak       Patricia
Denise Marigold       Denise
Brian Forrest         Brian
Wayne Chang        Wayne
David Harmsworth       David
Cynthia Richard      Cynthia

We'll be adding new teaching stories every term, so if you know of a colleague who would be a good subject, please contact Mark Morton