Richard Nutbrown, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2002

Political Science

Richard Nutbrown, an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science, has taught the department's large introductory course for many years. His third and fourth year courses have traditionally attracted the largest number of students in comparison with any of the senior level courses in the department. Professor Nutbrown has been cross-appointed with philosophy for at least ten years. He has been extremely helpful to the philosophy graduate students. A colleague notes that “His work as a graduate supervisor at the MA and PhD levels (in various disciplines) is legendary in terms of numbers of students supervised and the quality of the supervision.” Students' interest in the study of political science is heavily influenced by his introductory course which challenges as well as motivates them. His lecture style is enlightening and interactive. He challenges his students and in so doing creates an atmosphere in which they can develop to their full potential. His approachable manner and genuine concern for the students in the department made him a superb undergraduate advisor. Students report that “Professor Nutbrown's teaching style is perfect. He captures you, educates you, enlightens you and is never intimidating. He makes the huge class seem small, personal and interactive.” He is also very active in student events in the department. Professor Nutbrown stimulates and encourages his students and provides them with a very high quality of education. A colleague reports that “He combines scholarly excellence and keen intelligence with great personal warmth and has willingly taken on extra workloads in order to accommodate his students' academic needs.”

[Professor Nutbrown died in 2012]