Robert Mann, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2010

Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Robert Mann is widely regarded as being a truly superb teacher. His teaching excellence is especially remarkable considering his stature as an internationally recognized physicist and a long-standing departmental chair in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, overseeing the department’s impressive growth in all aspects over an eight year time span beginning in 2001. Even with the demand of being department chair, Dr. Mann did not shy away from teaching – in fact, at times, he stepped up to teaching tasks when he saw the need to provide specialized instruction, and he has been a vocal champion and an effective mentor for both undergraduate and graduate students. He challenges and successfully engages his students. Undergraduate students are often exposed to research projects that result in publications, and that sometimes lead to their pursuing academic careers themselves. His lectures are animated, and his enthusiasm, approachability and passion for teaching his science, regardless of the level of instruction, are appreciated profoundly by his students.