Ron Scoins, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1999


Ron Scoins teaches with passion and compassion. He is enthusiastic about mathematics and cares for his students. The result is classes that are well-organized, lively, challenging, humorous and friendly. Though he usually teaches large, first-year classes, he makes it a point to know his students by name. He spends many hours providing individual help. His obvious concern for his students gives them the confidence to take risks. Ron is perceptive. He has the insight to recognize when his students are struggling, and the tenacity and patience to help them succeed. Ron also contributes in a wider educational context. He has provided leadership to the Canadian Mathematics Competition, and locally, to the Grand Valley Mathematics Association. These organizations provide forums for sharing ideas and creating teaching resources for teachers at the elementary, secondary and university levels. At the provincial level, he has participated in the validation process of secondary school mathematics courses for university preparation. These activities influence the education of most Ontario students who go on to study engineering, mathematics and science at university.

[Professor Scoins died in 2002]