How we can help

We offer several services to support your implementation activities.

  • Consultations: As with the design phase, we provide support on all elements of implementation. There are many other groups on-campus who support this work as well, including staff at the library, institutional analysis and planning, co-operative education, the Centre for Extended Learning, the Graduate Studies Office, and the Office of the Associate Vice-President, Academic Programs.
  • Workshops: We offer customized course design workshops for groups changing a number of courses concurrently. For example, we have run this workshop for all faculty teaching first-year courses in a department as they redesigned their courses for the new program model. If a customized workshop is not needed, instructors might prefer our one-day course design workshop or the four-day Teaching Excellence Academy

In addition to course design, we also facilitate workshops related to progression mapping, curriculum mapping, and the design of the program’s structure.

For more information on these services, please contact Veronica Stephenson, Senior Educational Developer, Curriculum and Quality Enhancement.

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