Graduate Supervision Series for Faculty

Since Fall 2015, CTE and the Office of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) have offered a series of workshops on graduate supervision practices, primarily for those seeking Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervision (ADDS) Status. Typically these are held on Fridays early in the Fall and Winter terms. Our last face-to-face offering was Jan/Feb 2020. In Fall 2020 and again for Winter 2021, we moved all the components online and retitled the whole CTE 9800. We take a mostly asynchronous approach to the modules over the course of a month, beginning the second-last Friday of January. Live panels with experienced faculty members will occur on Friday Jan 22 (CTE 9802) and Friday Feb 26 (CTE 9806).

REGISTRATION is now open for our Fall 2020 series. We use GoSignMeUp for registration; first sign in with your UW login credentials, then sign up for the full workshop. We will add you to the LEARN site for the workshop and its modules. Questions can be directed to Trevor Holmes or ext. 33408.


Introduction: how to navigate the modules, initial reflection on supervision.

CTE 9801 Supervision at Waterloo: the relevant policies and practices (Associate Dean, Graduate Studies Office)

CTE 9802 Recruiting doctoral students, matching research interests and honing questions, the research supervision life cycle. Includes a live/synchronous panel that will also be recorded (Experienced faculty members, Associate Deans)

CTE 9803 Meeting with supervisees (Conflict Management and Human Rights Office)

CTE 9804 Guiding writing and research with ethics and integrity (Office of Research Ethics, Writing Centre, Academic Integrity Office)

CTE 9805 Intercultural and gendered interaction: working with students and co-supervisors in the context of cultural and gender diversity (Equity Office, Centre for Teaching Excellence)

CTE 9806 Next steps: Getting to the defence and beyond, career support, providing references for various job markets. Includes a live/synchronous panel that will also be recorded. (Graduate Supervision Award winners, Associate Deans)

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This workshop will appear in CTE's registration system, GoSignMeUp, upon completion of all deliverables, and at that point can be presented to your Chair for further action. Please see