Ted McGee, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2011

English Language and Literature, St. Jerome's University

Since the beginning of his teaching career as an assistant professor in 1978, Dr. Ted McGee has gained a reputation for his “undiminished energy for improving as a pedagogue.” He is always open to, and in search of, new methods of teaching and regularly attends teaching workshops both as a presenter and a learner. As an English language and literature professor at St. Jerome’s University, he has demonstrated a “special gift for recognizing significant and interesting details in order to highlight the richness of the text.” In turn, he constantly encourages students to make their own discoveries and share them freely. He is “the consummate enabler,” showing students support, interest, and commitment to their growth and learning. He has transported the vibrancy and excellence of the Shakespearean drama from the stage to his classroom. Dr. McGee is recognized for his passion and dedication towards teaching that goes well beyond the classroom walls.