Thérèse Sabaryn, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1990

French, Non-regular award category 

Thérèse Sabaryn has been a language instructor with the French department since 1975. In particular, she has been the full-time co-ordinator, developer, and chief instructor for a series of French conversation courses for the past fifteen years. The popularity of these courses, as well as the astonishingly high rate of student attendance she commands, serve as a tribute to her dedicated and inspiring methods. Thérèse has never contented herself with solely covering the textbook material for a given course, but devotes endless hours designing imaginative and relevant exercises that expose the students to the cultural richness of the French language and people. One student wrote: “Thérèse Sabaryn is able to “take the students to France” during their classes with her, she has succeeded in developing an extensive knowledge of French language and culture in her students.” Thérèse is widely recognized as being a motivating force in creating and maintaining a French environment on campus. She devotes a great deal of time to the French residence program at St. Paul's College and to raising the participation of not only students but staff members in the French club, Le Cercle Français.