Tommy Mayberry, recipient of the Amit and Meena Chakma Award for Exceptional Teaching by a Student, 2015

English Language and Literature

Tommy Mayberry standing by a living wallTommy Mayberry, a PhD student in English Language and Literature, is recognized by his students as being a positive, supportive, and “desirable marker, teacher and mentor”. Tommy’s passion for teaching and learning has a great influence on many who cross his path. As one of his students states, “Tommy has a certain spark or passion about him – an energy in his aura that inspires students”.  Students also remarked on his ability to foster a “fun, friendly, encouraging, and safe environment”.  The overflow of students in his classrooms is a testament to his effective and well-designed lectures. His gift for connecting classic literature to popular culture supports his reputation as a great lecturer. According to a faculty member, Tommy’s “ability to impress students, and lead them, willingly and enjoyably, into learning they recognize as valuable”, is a mark of excellence in teaching. Students and faculty describe him as thoughtful, passionate, and fair in his teaching in addition to being sensitive to students’ needs.