Using Turnitin as an Educational Tool

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Description: Turnitin® is text-matching software that traditionally has been used for plagiarism detection; however, in recent years, instructors have begun to use Turnitin® as an educational tool. Allowing students to view their Turnitin® originality report and similarity index provides them with the opportunity to identify and correct problems before they submit their final version for grading. In this workshop we will describe recommended practices for the formative use of Turnitin®. 

Learning Outcomes: After the session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the advantages and challenges of using Turnitin® as an educational tool
  • Identify the steps to be taken when using Turnitin® formatively  in a course
  • Describe how to interpret a similarity index as well as an originality report
  • Identify Turnitin® resources for instructors and students

Note: This course cannot be used as credit for any graduate student programs that are offered by the Centre for Teaching Excellence.