Wes Graham, recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 1978

Computer Science

Wes Graham, one of the “early handful” of people who built the University of Waterloo, arrived here in September 1959 as assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics. At the same time, he was given the title “director of the computing centre.” In practice, this meant that he presided over a few mechanical calculators which clattered and ground their way through elementary arithmetic. Computing at Waterloo was born in humble circumstances. "… Lecturers I have encountered.” His department chairman says, “Wes has the flair for meeting large classes successfully.” The dean of mathematics adds: “… He has been able to attract some of the best graduate students and steer them successfully towards meaningful careers in Universities, government and industry,” and “a large number of students could testify to his excellence as a teacher.”

[Professor Graham died in 1999]