Clickers and Reef Polling

Course code: CTE726

Description: “Clicker” is the generic name for devices that allow students to easily respond to an instructor’s in-class, multiple-choice or short-answer questions, and for the instructor to easily and instantly aggregate those responses. Clickers are primarily used for three reasons:

  1. To increase student engagement
  2. To facilitate peer instruction
  3. To help an instructor gauge whether students are understanding course concepts

At Waterloo, a brand of clicker known as the iClicker has been used since 2006. More recently, an app version of the iClicker – known as Reef Polling – has been introduced: students access or install the Reef Polling app on their smartphones or other mobile devices. iClickers and the Reef Polling app are an effective tool for fostering student engagement, often by facilitating peer instruction. Instructors can also these tools to easily provide themselves with real-time feedback about how well students are understanding course concepts. In this hands-on session, participants will learn about the functionality of iClickers and the Reef Polling app, including the advantages of each tool. Best practices for using them in class will also be explored.

Learning Outcomes.  After the session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the functionality of iClickers and the Reef Polling app;
  • Use both tools effectively to foster student engagement and enhance student learning;
  • Locate online or human resources to learn more about this tool or to get help in implementing it.

Note: This course cannot be used as credit for any graduate student programs that are offered by the Centre for Teaching Excellence.