How to rock your in-person interview

It’s spring 2023, co-ops! Not only does this term represent a new opportunity for all of us to make our early career marks but it also represents the return of in-person interviews at Tatham Centre (TC)!

The return of in-person interviews may be the return to familiarity for some, especially if you are a tenured co-op student who has been with us for over four years. However, this may be your first time interviewing and you may be looking for an opportunity to expand on one of the most important skills you need to develop for your career.

Shifting back to interviews done in-person can sound scary, especially if you have not experienced it in your career up to this point. Well, worry no more! Here are some valuable tips to consider before you embark on an interview done in pajamas... ahem… ahem... in-person.

#1: Arrive early and acquaint yourself with the space.

It’s better to feel comfortable and relaxed rather than rushed, so make sure to allot yourself enough time to get to campus.

After you have grabbed coffee and a bite to eat, welcome yourself into TC and grab a seat under the monitors by the CEE Hub at least 10 minutes before your interview.

Take this time to relax and put together what you need before your name is paged. Congratulate yourself on getting this far in the job search process, you have earned this!

Co-op students walking into Tatham Centre.


#2: Own the moment - maintain eye contact and speak clearly.

Co-op student speaking in an interview in Tatham Centre.

Not only is maintaining eye contact and speaking clearly a valuable skill for interviews, it shows the interviewer that you truly want the position and that you have a lot to offer them!

The energy that you put into your interview, will be mirrored back and that will increase your confidence right there in the moment.

Being personable and engaged in the conversation is a two-way street, and it all starts with what you put into it.


#3: Put your accomplishments and skills on display.

When responding to questions posed by your potential employer, support your answers with examples of things you have accomplished.

Everything from giving a keynote speech in front of an audience, being on a podcast or winning an award, to founding a club, volunteering or learning a second language.

Every goal or achievement, big or small, can highlight your work ethic and desire to grow every term.

Student working on art.


#4: Be yourself, it's the best version of you.

Co-op students smiling in conversation.

From putting together your favourite outfit to giving a firm handshake, you have the chance to make the experience your own.

Showcasing your personality and being natural in front of your future supervisors will put you in the best position for success! Don’t be afraid to say the wrong thing or stutter your words, your interviewer was once in the same position so they understand.

At the end of the day, you're on your own journey, so you don’t need to act like someone else. Being unique is what makes you memorable. 


#5: Pat yourself on the back, you have interviewed in-person!

Take the time to celebrate the fact that you did it! All of your practice and preparation has paid off and you have experienced an in-person co-op interview!

The transition back to this format may be intimidating, but you can make it a comforting experience by considering these steps.

Co-op students walking outside of Tatham Centre.


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