2011 winners

Christina MarchandChristina Marchand, co-op student of the year

Health Studies, Faculty of Health

Employer: St. Michael's Hospital

  • Promoted the Women in Cancer initiative through exhibits, events, and publications, saving the organization $15,000 and increasing membership by over 30%.
  • Presented two research papers at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, a gathering of the world's top professional in breast cancer research.
  • Co-ordinated the launch of a virtual network of medical oncologists, securing participation from over 150 healthcare professionals. 

"Christina has shown integrity and exceptional leadership skills by truly taking full responsibility for the project and making it into a success."

- Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley, St. Michael's Hospital.

Mei ChenMei Chen, co-op student of the year

Accounting and Financial Management, Faculty of Arts

Employer: IBM Canada

  • Completed 30% of IBM Canada's tax return and 80% of the IBM alliance companies' tax returns.
  • Assessed and reported the tax implications of large international and foreign trade transactions.
  • Member of the due diligence team for a major IBM acquisition valued at $387 million.

"Mei's strong research skills, ability to adapt to new responsibilities, and aptitude at solving problems independently make her a strong technical professional."

- Derek Kroft, IBM Canada.

Sasanka NagavalliSasanka Nagavalli, co-op student of the year

Mechatronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Employer: Neptec Design Group

  • Software design for the 3D mapping sensor of an experimental lunar rover for the Canadian Space Agency.
  • Improved the maintainability and reliability of the mapping sensor's embedded software.
  • Introduced a variety of innovative tools and techniques to accelerate the design process.

"Sasanka achieved a level of trust and responsibility that normally takes years to develop. In fact, as word spread through Neptec of his abilities, senior developers began to seek out his opinions and assistance with their own issues."

- Adam Deslauriers, Neptec Design Group.

Samantha Lynne DupreSamantha Lynne Dupre, co-op student of the year

Environment, Environment and Resource Studies

Employer: International Joint Commission (IJC)

  • Researched aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes to inform future monitoring efforts in Ontario, Quebec, and eight U.S. states.
  • Presented research to a group of international water quality experts at the Great Lakes Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel which won broad support for the IJC's Great Lakes protection project.
  • Created a high-caliber report which recommends strategies for Great Lakes protection to the governments of U.S. and Canada. 

"Samantha's exceptional ability in researching and reporting, as well as her diverse group of federal, state and provincial agencies enabled the International Joint Commission to complete its project on time and thousands of dollars under budget."

- Mark Burrows, International Joint Commission.

Terrence ChinTerrence Chin, co-op student of the year

Actuarial Science (Finance Option), Faculty of Mathematics

Employer: Mercer

  • Communicated with clients, Mercer consultants and insurers to facilitate the implementation of a large organization's benefits plan.
  • Developed a new tool to set manual rates for retiree claims costs, improved upon the user layout, functionality and efficiency of the former tool.
  • Significantly contributed to a benefits diagnostic review for a large corporation, winning new business for Mercer.

"Terrence exhibited skills and experience that far exceeded our expectations, and the goals we set for him."

- Conor Rankin, Mercer.

Janet NguyenJanet Nguyen, co-op student of the year

Biology, Faculty of Science

Employer: Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre

  • Researched the quality of life of radiation patients, securing funding of $350,000.
  • Created a bone metastases handbook which is used by oncology professionals across the world.
  • Produced eight first-author publications in peer-reviewed journals, and presentations of these papers at conferences in Vancouver and Athens.

"Our physician and radiation therapist colleagues have consistently said that Janet is one of the first people they can always go to for help in research-related or miscellaneous matters."

- Dr. Edward Chow, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre.

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