2023 Co-op Student of the Year Award recipients

Composite of all 2023 co-op student of the year recipients

Each year, one student from each faculty is presented with a Co-op Student of the Year Award for their exceptional contribution to their employers. The awards take place during the winter term and celebrate student achievements from the winter, spring and fall terms of the previous calendar year. Congratulations to our Co-op Students of the Year!

2023 Co-op Students of the Year 

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis (she/her)

Master of Public Service, Faculty of Arts
Employer: Ontario Public Service, Ministry of Indigenous Affairs Ontario (IAO)

As a master-level policy co-op student, Stephanie guided many Indigenous development initiatives. She went above and beyond by:

  • Designing a new Ontario food security program in collaboration with ministries and staff.
  • Researching improvements to the Ontario Indigenous Procurement Program.
  • Implementing new workplace practices that promote inclusivity and access for persons with disabilities.
  • Providing insight to first-year students about the co-op process and how to navigate WaterlooWorks and supporting her manager in hiring a new co-op student.

Frances Hallen

Frances Hallen (she/her)

Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Employer: EDF Renewables

As a junior renewable energy developer, Frances demonstrated exceptional collaborative, design and research skills in raising awareness about renewable energy. Her accomplishments include:

  • Organizing a solar site visit that included more than 20 employees from across Canada and United States to increase partner support.
  • Designing research on the dispersion of acres occupied by corn ethanol, resulting in more than $7000 in social value savings.
  • Preparing environmental review presentations to gain political support for EDF’s projects.

Avery Sudsbury

Avery Sudsbury (she/her)

Environment and Business, Faculty of Environment
Employer: Region of Waterloo

As a waste collection and diversion student, Avery conducted influential research that will positively impact the Region. Her highlights include:

  • Leading a study with recommendations for improving the Region’s organic food waste program.
  • Supporting an analysis of the Waste Collection Calendar to prioritize cost savings.
  • Taking initiative in the development of a gas monitoring project.

Danielle Lebowitz

Danielle Lebowitz (she/her)

Health Studies, Faculty of Health
Employer: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

As a genetic counsellor assistant, Danielle contributed to providing patients with a thorough and compassionate experience. She played a major role in:

  • Retrieving patient information and clarifying their family history of cancer through phone calls.
  • Supporting genetic counsellors by preparing multidisciplinary rounds each week.
  • Reviewing current research to adapt educational material including updating risk percentages for breast cancer patients.

Jessica Bohm

Jessica Bohm (she/her)

Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics
Employer: TRIUMF

As an ATLAS Deep Learning Research Assistant, Jessica discovered her passion for physics while producing innovative work. Her achievements include:

  • Contributing to the research of Global Particle Flow, an upgraded particle reconstructive process of collision data at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, the largest particle accelerator in the world.
  • Conducting research used for reconstruction software for the ATLAS detector, the largest detector built for CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

Milena Gosjevic

Milena Gojsevic (she/her)

Biochemistry, Faculty of Science
Employer: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

As a clinical research assistant, Milena demonstrated a meaningful contribution to scientific research. Her accomplishments include:

  • Proposing topics for papers published in the medical journal Supportive Care in Cancer.
  • Working with the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer to conduct research involving the first quality of life module for malignant spinal cord compression patients.
  • Writing research abstracts for posters to accompany the 2023 Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer conference in Japan.

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In celebrating the remarkable experiences of our Co-op Students of the Year, the story does not end here. The achievements of our Honourable mentions and Problem Lab recipients are not to go unnoticed. Their innovative work experiences made an impactful mark on their employers.

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