Dedicated Waterloo student wins Canadian Buildings National Student Scholarship

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

By: Maddie Savage (she/her)

A prestigious scholarship is helping a Waterloo Architectural Engineering student to shape her career.

Nadine Metwali received the first-place Canadian Buildings National Student Scholarship. Out of 587 students in the Canadian Buildings program, they selected her for the $3,500 award — which aims to identify students with high potential.

Nadine Metwali
Nadine Metwali
Field co-ordinator on the BMO expansion centre project

This scholarship recognizes students for their work with PCL Construction (PCL). PCL is a family of companies with portfolios in buildings, civil and industrial projects.

The company helps their partners find unique construction solutions through digital technologies, sustainable construction and off-site modular manufacturing.

“The scholarship has affected my life in many ways. One of which is getting a full-time job offer with PCL after graduation,” says Metwali (she/her).

“Additionally, I have received recognition across the company and across districts. I hope that this is the start to a successful career.”

“I really enjoy working for PCL, so this is an amazing honour that recognizes my dedication and passion for construction."


Stepping into different roles within PCL

Metwali has worked in various roles at PCL and is currently a field co-ordinator on the BMO expansion centre project. The $305-million project, located in Calgary, is set to be the largest exhibition centre in Western Canada.

At the company, Metwali conducts shop drawings and sample reviews, co-ordinates scopes for quality assurance and tracks quality inspections, procurement and productivity.

I have been able to use past work term experiences to challenge the norm and teach others. I am always looking for better ways to adapt dated practices and change ineffective procedures.


Metwali believes her various roles with the company have helped her to understand PCL as a business, culture and community. She’s currently working on her fifth and final work term with the company and she is excited to start a full-time role with PCL after graduation.

“This award is a great honor and has opened several doors for my professional career,” says Metwali. “I am looking forward to what the future has to come and what opportunities I may get with PCL.”