COVID-19 and faculty members

Last updated March 22, 2022.

Current member concerns and questions

Here's what we know about some of the key questions you've been asking. The Lecturers Committee also prepared a COVID FAQ for its January 27 town hall meeting.

Please see the University of Waterloo COVID-19 Information site and the COVID-19 guidelines for instructional space for the most complete and up-to-date information. 

Full answers to the 24 questions we forwarded to the administration in mid-February are available here: Answers to faculty members' COVID questions, February 2022.

Responses from the University to our recent demands

We recently asked for nine conditions to be met before more classes resumed in person. The University's email titled "Updating you on our plans to return to in-person experiences" is essentially a response to this. Here are the highlights, with some additional information from the February 2 President's Forum. 

More information and support

PUBLIC HEALTH: The University's coronavirus website has links to major public health sites (under "Important links" on the main page). If you want information faster, consider following those organizations on Twitter.

UNIVERSITY COMMUNICATIONS: Visit the News section of the Universty's coronavirus website for past messages to students, staff, and faculty, or the repository of mass communications to students and instructors on the Registrar's Office website.

REMOTE COURSE DELIVERY: Visit the Keep Learning website for options. You can direct questions about teaching not answered there to your associate dean.

WORKING REMOTELY: Visit the IST knowledge base for information about connecting to the campus network, your email, voicemail, and colleagues from home.

SUPPORT FOR MEMBERS: If you are struggling and need support, we encourage you to use the Employee & Family Assistance Program. Counselling is available by phone and online.

If you need help with your own working conditions, contact our Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee

Looking for our older COVID-19 emails?