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When you live in Waterloo Residences, you’ll be surrounded by people and programs here to help you achieve academic excellence. 


Living in residence fosters academic success


Higher Retention RateHigher retention rate

93% of students living in residence their first year would continue to be enrolled into their second year - compared to 90% off-campus.

Higher graduation rateHigher graduation rate

79.3% of first-years would go on to graduate after living in residence their first year - compared to 73% off-campus.

Higher GPAHigher first-year GPA

First-year students had a higher GPA of 2.6 when living in residence their first year - compared to 2.5 off-campus.


As found in an Academia report from 2008 - 2013.



Living-Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities

Small groups of students in the same faculty or program who live together in the same area of residence are part of a program called living-learning communities. Each group has an upper-year peer leader to mentor and support first-year students’ academic goals, giving them greater access to their faculty and programming to help them be successful.

Academics in Residence

Academics in Rez

Along with quiet hours and silent study spaces, residence features drop-in tutoring for those that might need extra help. Five nights a week tutors come to the students offering a rotating schedule of subjects that can be found online. Study skills workshops are also offered in residence to help students develop the best habits for academic success.