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The Living-Learning Academic Advantage

When you are part of a Living-Learning Community on campus, you get more than just a room close to your classes. 

What is a Living-Learning Community?

A Living-Learning Community is a group of students from the same program or faculty, who live together in the same area of residence. Each group is assigned an upper-year Peer Leader who acts as a mentor and supports their academic well-being. The community gains enhanced access to great academic and faculty programming that helps students with many of their academic needs in first year!  Living-Learning students will also live near and be exposed to a variety of other first years from different areas of study so that they get the best of both worlds in their residence experience.

Group of Living Learning Students with their Peer Leader

Why join?

  • Access to academic and faculty support at no extra cost
  • An easy way to meet other students who share the same interests and academic goals
    • Great for attending lectures or studying together!
  • Connect with an upper-year student (a Peer Leader), who is there to answer all of your questions and help connect you with resources
  • Enhance in class learning through academic events
  • Gain an increased sense of belonging to your faculty and university 
  • Establish relationships with professors, staff, alumni and upper-years from your faculty

How to join

Applications for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018
Living-Learning Communities are now open.

Incoming students can indicate their interest in a Living-Learning Community on the Residence Community Ranking Form during the residence application process.

Find out about events and if your program has a Living-Learning community here: Living-Learning academic offerings for 2017

Visit Academics in Rez for information on other academic support opportunities within residence.

Whether you are staying up late to study for a test or getting together to work on a project, it is reassuring to know that those around you are going through a similar experience!

Residence life is a total experience


If you have any questions regarding Living-Learning Communities, please email Living-Learning or call us at 519-888-4567, ext. 31314