Upper-year students

Residence is available to upper-year students year round!

LAG Event

Jobs and leadership opportunities. Dedicated upper-year spaces and options (mixed gender requests welcome)! Exclusive upper year programming to help you become job ready. We’re ready to enhance your UWaterloo experience: are you ready?


Three Step Process


Do your research and apply

We have lots of options for upper-year students. Traditional (dorm) style, suite (apartment) style, or a hybrid option (dorm style with an optional meal plan). Review our residence fast facts page, decide if you’re applying with or without roommates, and apply for the term you need housing for. Space is limited so apply early to avoid disappointment!


Accept your offer

When you accept an offer, you are agreeing to be financially responsible for your entire residence contract. This means that while fees are not due until the fees arranged deadline for the term you apply for, you will be required to pay your full residence fees, and will not be refunded if you decide to cancel your contract before its end date.


Get move in ready

There are some great job and leadership opportunities available for upper-year students in residence (both paid and volunteer). Find out about all the options available to enhance your resume and widen your social network!


Term details


Did you know that you can live in residence during local co-op terms? Residence contracts match your academic stream so you only pay for the terms you're on campus – no worries about finding a subletter! 

Frequently asked questions