Core Development: Strengthening Community through Culture and Values


Tuesday, February 13, 2024 10:00 AM(EDT) - 11:30 AM(EDT)

Workshop Overview:

Our principles and values establish our expectations for how we engage and behave as a University community, both as individuals and as an institution. This session will explore the culture that our campus community aspires to embrace and uphold by exploring how we learn about and live out our values, how the structures and policies of the University strengthen their effectiveness, and identify our role in creating a sense of belonging for all. 

This workshop includes a short breakout room experience to complete a small group activity. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Recognize the cognitive and emotional culture elements that shape our organizational culture 

  • Connect our culture and values to our mission and vision as a University 

  • Define how we learn, live and lead the values of the University of Waterloo 

  • Set our own action step to apply what we’ve learned 


Pre-workshop self-directed learning (20-30 min) will be shared 2-3 days in advance of the workshop via a calendar invitation.  

Intended Audience: 

All UWaterloo employees. New employees are encouraged to take the Core Development series of workshops within their first 18 months. 

Workshop Format: 

Virtually facilitated online synchronous workshop 


  • Pre-workshop self-directed learning (20-30 min) 

  • Virtually Facilitated Workshop (90min)  

  • Post-Session Goal and Feedback (15min) 


Dana Evans Laity | Learning and Development Specialist – Onboarding 


MS Teams (Virtual)