Leading with Temperament


Thursday, February 22, 2024 1:30 PM(EDT) - 4:00 PM(EDT)

Workshop Overview:

Personality Dimensions has been a foundational tool used in the exploration of self and others. Since 2007, hundreds of employees and students at the University of Waterloo have utilized the knowledge gained through this tool for self-awareness and professional development. It’s time to take that learning one step further. Utilizing the Professional Report, participants will learn about the characteristics and workstyles of the four temperament types while customizing their leadership style to better understand that no two people are the same and what motivates one, may not motivate the other. This workshop can help participants tailor their leadership approach to suit individual needs and preferences and boost team engagement. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Recognize the unique skills required to lead people with temperament types different than your own. 

  • Explore communication strategies that appeal to all four temperament types. 

  • Develop a greater understanding of how each temperament type responds to stress or conflict. 

  • Look at temperament exploration as a new or different tool in your leadership development tool kit.


Personality Dimensions workshop.  

Intended Audience: 


Workshop Format: 



2.5 hours


Susan Willsie - Learning and Development Specialist - Leadership Development


EC1-1004 OHD Training Room