Successfully Leading & Managing Change


Tuesday, May 28, 2024 | 9:30 AM (EDT) - 12:00 PM (EDT)

Workshop Overview:

Change is constant and happens all the time. Every day we change in small ways – our morning routine, our daily activities. We adapt quickly to these small changes, seamlessly adjusting our ways. It’s the big changes however that can cause discomfort, and it’s here that additional support is needed.  

In this interactive workshop, we’ll discover the value in considering the people side of change, covering how and why individuals react to change. Participants will also focus on the critical role the manager or project / change lead plays in supporting team members through change and, we’ll learn new strategies to apply to real change situations. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Provide a new way of looking at change. 

  • Explore factors that influence a response to change. 

  • Explore the different roles leaders play in a change process. 

  • Explore and understand the change journey. 

  • Introduce Prosci ADKAR® as a tool to assess change readiness. 


  1. Watch the Understanding Change Management micro-learning video (~7 min)
  2. The workshop will use your own individual experience with a change. Using a change example you are comfortable sharing, draft a short (30 second) description to introduce the change to another individual. (~10 min).
  3. Optional, and time permitting. Watch one of the following short YouTube videos (~2 min):
    1. The Fun Theory - The Volkswagen slide (1:41 min)
    2. The Fun Theory 1 – Piano Staircase Initiative | Volkswagen (1:47 min)
    3. The Fun Theory 2 – an initiative of Volkswagen: The World's Deepest Bin (1:26 min)
    4. VW Fun Theory The Shopping Carts (1:40 min)

Intended Audience: 


Workshop Format: 



Pre-workshop self-directed learning (20-30 min)  

Facilitated Workshop (2.0 hours) 


Samantha Murray | Change Management and Strategic Initiatives Advisor

Susan Willsie | Organizational Development Specialist – Talent Management

Rebecca Butler | Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives


EC1-1004 OHD Training Room