Detailed salary & scholarship reporting

Now: With the University’s transition to cloud data storage, the current existing Historical Reporting for Detailed Salary Reporting and Detailed Scholarship Payment Reporting have been decommissioned and transitioned to updated reporting made available through the University’s Power BI reporting platform.

Basic Functionality

You can access your detailed salary and scholarship reports via (which you can access via this URL or through your Office 365 account by clicking on the Power BI app). All your available Finance reports can be found under Apps in the left navigation menu using the app “Finance Campus Reports”.

access your detailed salary and scholarship reports via

The Detailed Salary Expense Reporting can be found in the “Payroll Details & Budget Report” under Detailed Salary Reporting.

Reporting can be found in the “Payroll Details & Budget Report” under Detailed Salary Reporting.

Running Reports

All the report data, filtering and filter parameters are automatically adjusted based on your access level. The basic steps for running the reports are:

How to run a report

  • Select the fiscal year for which you would like to access data.
  • Click on the report to view.
  • Select filter parameters for setting up reporting criteria:
    • Checkbox in the dropdown allows multiple values to be selected (multi-select)
    • Dropdowns without a checkbox are single select only.
    • Clear all slicers option will let you clear all filters.

Glossary of terms

Account and posting attributes – The University chart of accounts consists of up to 4 pieces of information namely, account, work order, activity & student type. In most cases, only the first 3 pieces are necessary. Descriptions and listings of each segment value can be found on the Finance website.

Encumbrance – is a promise to pay a particular amount of money in the future and in exchange for a good or service that has not yet been provided. In the context of the University, an encumbrance is created for payroll commitments. It ceases to be an encumbrance when paid out. The salary encumbrance represents the full year’s salary and wages (or the remainder of the year’s unpaid amount) for all currently filled positions at a given time.


The University community can request support and provide feedback for the Detailed Salary and Scholarship reporting service via our Finance Jira Portal

Note: For Human Resource and payroll related questions or matters, please contact HR Help at