Experiential Learning Fund Application Form

Thank you for your interest! This opportunity wil be open again for Fall term 2023.


The value of each award will vary depending on the budget requirements for the experience and the availability of funds. Funding for both awards is made possible entirely by Faculty of Arts alumni donations. Students will normally be awarded an amount to help with their costs rather than the full cost of the activity. The value of the award (up to $1,500) will be determined by Arts Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs or designate.

Eligibility and Selection

  • Open to full-time undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts.
  • The student should be in "good academic standing" with a minimum cumulative average of 70%.
  • The student must demonstrate how the activity will benefit their knowledge acquisition or professional development or enrich their in-class learning.
  • The student must provide a description of the activity, an outline of what they will learn and how they will benefit from the experience, and a budget. 
  • Students are able to receive this award more than once.


Applications will be reviewed three times a year. If possible, you should apply before you begin your activity by the following deadlines:

  • August 1st (normally) for experiences taking place in the fall term
  • December 1st for experiences taking place in the winter term
  • May 1st for experiences beginning in spring term 

Application Form

By submitting this application, you will be considered for the Lynne and Peter Woolstencroft Experiential Learning Award, as well as the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Student Experiential Learning Award.