Congratulations to our newest cohort of PhDs!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

silhouette of graduate wearing cap and gown
Completing a doctoral degree is a monumental accomplishment, and significant academic milestone. After putting in the time attending seminars, writing exams, TAing, RAing, teaching courses, conducting research and participating in the dissertation defense, the long awaited moment has arrived—degree completion. For many, these necessary facets of the PhD were also completed remotely because of COVID-19. 

On behalf of the Faculty of Arts, congratulations to our newest cohort of Doctors of Philosophy!

On Thursday, October 21st at 7:00 p.m., a PhD Virtual Reception will be held to celebrate the achievements of our PhD graduands

Congratulations to our newly minted PhDs!

Katie Cook

Department: Sociology
Thesis: 'Are You the Real Police?' 'No. We're the Campus Police.' An Examination of the Way Ontario Special Constables Govern Risk on Post-Secondary Campuses

Jessica Dupasquier

Department: Psychology
Thesis: Does Caring for Yourself Lead to Seeking Care From Others? Investigating the Relationship Between Self-Compassion and Interpersonal Emotion Regulation

Martyn Gabel

Department: Psychology
Thesis: Exploring Associations Between Response Inhibition and Emotion: Effects of Valence, Motivation, Information Processing Style and Emotional Reactivity

Brandon Goulding

Department: Psychology
Thesis: Beyond Causality: Heuristics for Inferring Possibility

William Jordan

Department: Philosophy
Thesis: Controlling Cyberwarfare: International Laws of Armed Conflict and Human Rights in the Cyber Realm

Shiu Kwok

Department: Psychology
Thesis: Handle With Care: Agreeableness and Responses to Hurt Feelings

Steven Littrell

Department: Psychology

Thesis: The Psychology of Bullshitting: Measurement, Correlates, and Outcomes of the Propensity to Mislead Others

Kathryn Morrison

Department: Applied Philosophy

Thesis: Mature Minors Eligibility for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD): An Ethical Analysis

Jay Rawding

Department: English
Thesis: Telling the Stories, Branding the Land: Examining Regional Narratives and Texts in Northern Alberta

Justine Salam

Department: Global Governance
Thesis: Analyzing Major Royalty Debates in Alberta's Oil Sands: Corporate Power at Play in a Subnational Resource-Cursed Petrostate

Qi Tang

Department: Accounting
Thesis: KPI Information Acquisition by Analysts: Evidence From Conference Calls

Reem Tawfik

Department: Psychology
Thesis: The Development of Integrating Number and Proportion in Probabilistic Decision-Making

Jessica-Leigh Van De Kemp

Department: English
Thesis: 'The Objectifying Gaze': The Role of Adaptation in Perceptions of Gender on Television

Kiruthiha Vimalakanthan

Department: Psychology
Thesis: Compassion Over Competition: The Momentary and Longitudinal Benefits of Adopting a Caregiving Mentality in the Face of Appearance Comparisons

Xiaoqi Wang

Department: Accounting
Thesis: Accounting Conservatism and Risk Disclosures

Kanika Wortley

Department: Sociology
Thesis: The Weight of Fitting the Description: Using Critical Race Theory to Explore Black and Indigenous Youth Perceptions of the Police