Introduction to Möbius (CTE776)

Thursday, March 2, 2017 11:15 am - 12:45 pm EST

Location: EV1 241 Notes: Open to faculty and staff (registration is required)

Blue Möbius strip on white background
Description: Waterloo has recently partnered with Maplesoft, a local STEM-focused educational software company, to design and develop a new content authoring and delivery environment called Möbius. Some of the benefits Möbius offers over previous tools we’ve used to build digital STEM assets include:

  • HTML output which renders nicely across all browsers, devices, and assistive devices;
  • recording tools that enable users to sync an audio track to their HTML content (so “narrated PowerPoint”-style lessons can be created);
  • the ability to embed interactive applications or auto-graded quiz questions directly into a lesson for a more “active” student learning experience;
  • a WYSIWYG interface for easy input and formatting of text and images;and
  • options to input mathematical or scientific notation using either LaTeX and/or an equation editor.

During this session, participants will hear about the history of Möbius and a brief overview of its primary benefits, see demonstrations of the some of the main features in action, receive a Möbius account, and have time to start exploring the tool on their own with support readily available to answer questions.    

Please bring a laptop or tablet for this workshop.

Learning Outcomes: after the session, participants will be able to:

  • describe the history of Möbius and its primary benefits;
  • log in to Möbius and understand the terminology/navigation enough to start building a lesson; 
  • access resources and support personnel who can provide additional instruction after the session, as desired.

Facilitators: Tonya Elliott (CEL), Rachael Verbruggen (CEL), Paul Kates (CTE), and Sean Scott (MUO).


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