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Exploring the Impact of a Mindfulness Meditation Intervention on First Year Students’ Writing Self-Efficacy, Apprehension, Anxiety, and Performance

Grant recipients and project team: 

Nicole Westlund Stewart, Writing and Communication Centre

Wade Wilson, Department of Kinesiology


(Project timeline: September 2017 - August 2018)


The purpose of this project is to assess the effectiveness of a mindfulness meditation intervention in a first year communication-based course. We will assess specific outcomes, including: writing self-efficacy, writing apprehension, general anxiety, writing anxiety, and writing performance. Through mindfulness meditation, we aim to have an effect on students’ overall perceptions towards their writing abilities.

We have targeted a first year communications course for two reasons. First, it is a requirement for all first year students and teaches students how to communicate effectively at a university level. Second, there are two sections for this course, meaning that one section will receive the mindfulness meditation intervention and the other section will serve as the control group, receiving progressive muscle relaxation training.


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