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Facilitating the learning of need finding and problem formulation during cooperative work terms through remote, virtual, clinical instruction

Grant recipients and project team: 

Oscar Nespoli, Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Ada Hurst, Department of Management Sciences

(Project timeline: September 2017 - August 2018)


The opportunity to teach, learn and assess need finding and problem formulation, remains largely unavailable for students to learn and for instructors to teach and assess during academic terms.  The context of professional engineering practice is required in order to learn these important design skills.  Fortunately, this context is available to students in the clinical dimension of our programs – during their cooperative work terms. 

This project aims to examine how these skills can be taught and assessed while students are immersed in professional engineering practice contexts during their coop terms, and while the clinical instructors teach them remotely.  Based on the framework provided by Schon’s theory of reflective practice and through analysis of student reflections, need finding and problem formulation deliverables, and learning sessions, we will investigate how virtual clinical instruction can facilitate the deep learning of the reflective practice of need finding and problem formulation skills.


Project Reference List (PDF)

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