These Waterloo students describe how using an ePortfolio enhanced their learning. 

Carla Valerio. "I wouldn't have learned as much about myself or my career.... it's a way to attach a component to the course that goes beyond academics." Carla provides an overview of her ePortfolio here

Christina Cao. "The ePortfolio gave us an opportunity to sit down and reflect on what we learned in class.... for every learning, you have to link it back to yourself and find its meaning." 

Dean Robinson. "The ePortfolio forces you to reflect on yourself, to consider what have I done and where am I going."

José Patino. "The ePortfolio was challenging... it required more thinking than I expected... it's something that really makes you reflect.... it becomes something that you really put your heart into." 

ePortfolio Resources

ePorfolios explained. What they are, why they deepen learning, and how to use them. 

Instructor perspectives. Videos of four Waterloo instructors explaining how they use ePortfolios in their courses. 

Staff perspectives. Several staff members from Waterloo support units explain how they use ePortfolios to assist instructors and students. 

Presentation by Randy Bass. Dr. Randy Bass is Senior Research Scholar on the Connect to Learning ePortfolio Project. He delivered a session at Waterloo's 2014 ePortfolio Day. 

Katherine Lithgow. Contact her regarding questions about ePortfolios.