Presentation by Dr. Randy Bass on ePortfolios

Dr. Randy Bass is Senior Research Scholar on the Connect to Learning ePortfolio research project. At Waterloo's 2014 ePortfolio Day he presented on recent research pertaining to ePortfolios. Key findings include the following: 

  1. ePortfolios advance student success. Student ePortfolio usage correlates with higher levels of student success as measured by pass rates, GPA, and retention.
  2. ePortfolios support reflection, social pedagogy, and deep learning by making student learning "visible." Helping students reflect on and connect their learning across academic and co-curricular learning experiences, advance higher order thinking and integrative learning.
  3. ePortfolios catalyze learning-centered institutional change. ePortfolio initiatives can catalyze campus cultural and structural change, helping the institution move towards becoming an adaptive learning organization.

Randy Bass, Keynote Presenter at Waterloo's 2014 ePortfolio Day

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The session offered by Randy Bass was the keynote presentation at Waterloo's 2014 ePortfolio Day held on March 27, 2014. The PowerPoint slides from his presentation are available here