CTE staff are eager to support instructors by providing assistance on: designing and renewing program curriculum; fostering integrated learning experiences via ePortfolios, experiential learning, and high impact practices; conducting research on teaching and applying for funding to support that research; nominating an instructor for an internal or external teaching awardteaching with technology, both within LEARN and beyond it; and enhancing students' communication skills through writing across the curriculum strategies. 

"Thank you so much for offering these sessions! I've been amazed at how quickly the CTE and CTL folks have put together so many terrific sessions on remote learning, especially given how many tools there are and how quickly things are changing and evolving. I've connected with a lot of instructors across North America over the last couple months via other teaching workshops and discussions, and very few have the level of support we have (and it's showing in those instructors' anxiety levels and lack of knowledge about how to move online). I'm happy that UW is dedicating substantial resources to this, and to ensuring that instructors have access to experts like those at CTE and CEL. I think our students' learning experiences this fall will be much better as a result!" -- Anonymous feedback