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#URWhatUTweat: Exploring the use of social media as a tool to engage students in a public health course

Grant recipients and project team: 

Sharon Kirkpatrick, School of Public Health and Health Systems

Karla Boluk, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

Elena Neiterman, School of Public Health and Health Systems

Miriam Price, Research Assistant

UW Health 355

(Project timeline: September 2017 - August 2018)


Determining the benefits of innovative assignments incorporating social media for deep learning and engagement is needed to inform future practice. The purpose of this study is to explore whether the use of Twitter to share images and captions depicting interactions with food and the food system was useful to students in terms of engaging with course concepts and each other, as well as the extent to which they applied their experiences to a novel situation that required considering the value of social media for combating pseudoscience. We will analyze students’ tweets/ responses and reflections, as well as instructor/teaching assistant perceptions regarding student engagement and application of their experience with Twitter to consider the social media platform’s value as a public health tool. We will develop a toolkit with guidance on the use of social media to deepen learning and engagement in higher education in public health.


Project Reference List (PDF)

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