Course Design

Course code: CTE073

DescriptionOne exciting task as an instructor is to design your own course.  But where do you start?  In this half-day workshop, you will use one course-design model to start working on your own course.  Beginning with a pre-workshop worksheet, you will answer a variety of questions to help organize your planning process and reveal the information needed to design a course focused on student learning.  During the workshop, we will discuss setting course learning goals, planning feedback and assessment, and choosing teaching strategies, all in relation to factors such as the context of the course, your students, and yourself as an instructor.  Then you will test out how well your course components are aligned.  We will also briefly cover course outlines and course evaluation.  Although a few large group activities will occur, you will be working primarily on your own or in pairs, with a lot of feedback from the workshop facilitator. 

This workshop is a required workshop for GS 901.  One response paper is required and must be accepted for credit towards CUT. If space is available, faculty members, graduate students, and staff instructors at UW are welcome to register.  Please note that attendance is contingent upon participants completing and submitting a pre-workshop worksheet by the date given on the sheet.      

Because of the one-on-one feedback being offered in this workshop, enrolment is limited to 20.