Enhancing Learning Through Gamification

Course code: CTE750

Description: Gamification as a term has been associated with education in recent years due to the emergence of new technologies designed to increase motivation to learn. In its most basic form, gamification introduces game-like elements – points, badges, and leaderboards – into a learning environment so that learners are entertained and inspired to extrinsically learn the material. Despite its best intentions, however, gamification often attempts to mask the intrinsic value of learning with these game-like elements.

This workshop will dispel the perceived utility of the rudimentary form of gamification by delving into why games are motivating and engaging, and how the characteristics of good games can be applied to a classroom or online learning environment; activities and assessment alike can adopt game-like approaches to engage learners. Participants will discover practical strategies and tools that can be adapted to their current teaching practices and understand the benefit of thoughtful implementation of gamification principles.

Learning Outcomes: After the session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify how theories of gamification are applicable (or not) to various teaching and learning contexts
  • Discover new tools, technologies, and approaches to apply gamification principles in a teaching environment
  • Develop and share strategies to incorporate effective gamification in your own teaching environment