Introduction to the Flipped Classroom

Course code: CTE691

Description: The term "flipped classroom" refers to courses where the traditional components -- lectures and homework -- are reversed; that is, students interact with course content and concepts  outside of class time (for example, via lectures delivered as podcasts or screencasts) leaving class time free for active learning activities (such as discussions, debates, demonstrations, and so on). This session will present examples of flipped courses from our own and other institutions and identify how flipping a classroom can be part of a blended course design that increases students' engagement and learning. We will demonstrate some current tools that can be used to support the delivery of content outside of class. 

Learning Outcomes: After the session, participants will be able to:

  • identify what makes a class a “flipped” class
  • explain the advantages and challenges of teaching a flipped class 
  • identify which course-related concepts could be taught more effectively in a flipped class 
  • design a flipped class experience and identify relevant technologies, in-class learning activities, and assessments

Additional Resources:

Note: Part of this workshop will be hands on: participants should bring a laptop PC.