Teaching Dossiers

Course code: CTE113

DescriptionAt this workshop, you will learn what a teaching dossier is and how you can use one.  We will analyze two sample dossiers - an activity which you will begin before the workshop - to discover what constitutes an effective dossier.  From there, we will turn to the teaching philosophy statement, which is a critical component of the dossier but is also the most difficult to articulate.  We will engage in an interactive metaphor exercise to demonstrate one tool that you can use to help create your own philosophy statement.  You will receive additional resources at the workshop. 

To prepare for this workshop, you need to do two tasks.  

  1. Read the two sample dossiers (link to activity will be sent shortly after registration) so that you can complete the worksheet (link to activity will be sent shortly after registration) - bring your responses and the dossiers to the workshop for a group discussion.   
  2. Choose a metaphor that describes you as a teacher (i.e., gardener, architect, travel guide) - bring this with you to use in a small group exercise. 

This workshop is intended primarily for participants in UW's Certificate in University Teaching (CUT) program.  It will be offered at least once every term. You must be officially registered on Quest in GS 902 before taking this workshop.