Important dates for Architecture co-op

Welcome, Architecture and Architectural Engineering co-op students! This webpage will give you an overview of important dates and deadlines if you're using WaterlooWorks to search for Co-op ARCH jobs. For any jobs found outside of the WaterlooWorks Co-op job board, you can follow the arrange own job process. Visit the School of Architecture's co-op page for more information about your co-op degree.

Employers will be posting jobs in all of the cycles below, so keep applying until you have a match! Whether you end up finding a job in Cycle 1 or later in the recruitment process, great jobs will be available and we’re here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions, please send a message to your co-op advisor via WaterlooWorks.

Note: If you are still searching for a job for the winter 2022 term, jobs are still being posted on WaterlooWorks until February 23, 2022. Employers will contact you directly to arrange interviews and discuss any offers.

Winter 2022 Important Dates

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  Maximum # of apps you can submit (+ 50 each cycle) Job postings open Apps due Remote interview period Employer rankings available  Student rankings due  Match results available
Cycle#1 Important note: The hiring process for Architecture students starts in Cycle #2.
Cycle#2 Submit up to 150 apps total (includes apps from previous cycles) Feb. 14—17 Feb. 18 at 11:59 PM (ET) Mar. 2—9* Mar. 10 at
2PM (ET)
Mar. 11 at
2PM (ET)
Mar. 11
by end of day
*Family Day Holiday & Reading week Feb. 21 - 25 (no interviews)
Cycle #3
Submit up to 500 apps total (includes apps from all cycles) Mar. 15April 14
New jobs are posted daily and stay live for 2 business days before closing at 9AM (ET) - check back often!
Mar. 22-24 Mar. 24 at 8PM (ET) Mar. 25 at 11AM (ET) Mar. 25 by end of day
Cycle #4
Mar. 29-31 Mar. 31 at 8PM (ET) April 1 at 11AM (ET) April 1 by end of day
Cycle #5
April 5-7 April 7 at 8PM (ET) April 8 at 11AM (ET) April 8 by end of day
Cycle #6
April 12-13 April 13 at 8PM (ET) April 14 at 11AM (ET) April 14 by end of day
Direct offers Following the last match on April 14, you can continue searching for jobs until after your work term begins if you’re still looking for a job for the spring 2022 work term. Employers will contact you directly to arrange interviews and discuss any offers.

Winter 2022 Monthly Calendar 

Suggested co-op work term start and end dates

  January - April 2022 May - August 2022 September - December 2021
Start date           January 4 May 3 September 7
End date   April 22 August 20 December 23

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