Important dates for Architecture co-op

Welcome, Architecture co-op students! Check out the calendars below for upcoming important dates, and visit the School of Architecture's co-op page for more information about your co-op degree. 

Note: This calendar applies to only Architecture students. Architectural Engineering students should refer to the important dates for all other co-op students calendar.

Month 1No Actions Required


Month 2First Interview Cycle

Job postings open
max. 50 applications

Interviews begin
(multiple locations)

after interviews end

Month 3Continuous Interview Cycle

Job posted daily
max. 300 applications

every Tuesday

end of each week

Month 4Direct Offer Period

Job posted
as received

Interviews arranged
by student/employer

Employers make 
offers directly

Spring 2019 calendar

Fall 2019 calendar

Note: a small number of jobs may appear before the first posting and/or may expire prior to posting close date, as some employers have processes with recruiting timelines that do not follow our cycle. In all cases, a special note will be included in the job posting.

Suggested co-op work term start and end dates

  January - April 2019 May - August 2019 September - December 2019
Start date           January 7 May 6 September 3
End date   April 26 August 23 December 20

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