University Students working together to solve problems and make change

Looking for work that matters? Be a change maker!

Working in a non-profit organization helps to improve the world that we all live in. Through Waterloo's Change makers in co-op, you can create change for those in need and experience what it is like to work abroad.

Change makers in co-op supports valuable, in-person co-op work experiences at non-profit organizations abroad. Funded by the Steele Family Foundation, each successful co-op student will receive $10,000 CAD through the program.

Michael Steele (BASc ’81), a former Waterloo co-op student himself, is the co-founder of the Steele Family Foundation. He has first-hand experience with the impact that working for non-profits can have.

Mike Steele

“The biggest challenge all developing minds have, is determining what direction they should take their energy and hidden talents. We are strong believers that education leads to opportunity. So how can we put together all our learning experiences and blessings and create a better life for the less fortunate? I believe that Change makers in co-op can help stranded superstars to shine.”

- MICHAEL STEELE, former Waterloo co-op student and
co-founder of the Steele Family Foundation

Program details

The Co-operative and Experiential Education team has worked with Canadian and international organizations to develop several work opportunities that qualify for Change makers in co-op. The job postings are available in WaterlooWorks. Don’t miss the chance to make a difference while working abroad!

Change maker stories

Stacey Cootes and Michaels Steele sit on a couch surrounded by Indian elementary school students

Educating for impact 

Through two awards inspired by Waterloo’s former president Feridun Hamdullahpur, The Steele Family Foundation will help to eliminate financial barriers to varsity sport and nonprofit work. These experiences will in turn prepare them to thrive as competitors and community builders.

FullSoul co-op students and staff looking up in forest

Early talent at the helm of international development

Non-profit organizations are answering the call for support in global communities with help from co-op students who are tackling international development projects.