General information

(Updated 05/12/2020)

Office problems

For temperature problems, light replacement, or any other non-emergency maintenance issues (not computer-related), contact Plant Operations. Provide the building and room number in the subject and a thorough description of the problem in the body of the email.

For all emergency infrastructure/maintenance related calls, contact the Plant Operations 24-Hour line, x33793.

Classroom problems

For classroom problems such as burnt-out lights or broken chairs/tables, report the matter to the Plant Operations 24-Hour line, x33793.

If the classroom is missing chairs, contact the Undergraduate Operations Coordinator, who will pass the matter on to Scheduling.

For issues with the data projector or computer podium (hardware or software), report the issue to Instructional Technologies and Media Services (ITMS). For urgent support, contact the ITMS Hotline at x33233. Non-urgent support requests can be submitted by email or by an IST instructional and presentation technology request.

Telephone and voicemail

Instructions for use of the telephone, long distance, and voicemail systems can be found online. Email if you have problems.

Office key and fob

Your office key opens your office and the photocopier/printer rooms. Your black or grey office fob also opens the SCS main office (DC1330), the mail room (DC1332), the School lounge (DC3336), and various School meeting rooms.

Keys are obtained by taking a key permit form to Key Control in the General Services Complex (GSC), the building next to the Davis Centre. See the campus map.


  • The Faculty, Lecturer and Staff mail room is DC1332. There is a single slot for sessional instructor mail there.
  • The graduate student mailboxes are in DC2583.
  • For outgoing mail:
    • On campus: use interdepartmental envelopes available in the mail room; return empty envelopes to the shelf in the mail room. There is a slot for outgoing on-campus mail.
    • Inter University Transit System, which uses a fixed list of Ontario universities (see the Customer Service Coordinator) can be used to ship books, documents audio visual media between universities.
    • Regular off-campus mail requires an account number or a stamp.

Equipment and supplies

  • Office supplies are available in the SCS mail room, DC1332. Please introduce yourself at the front desk in DC1330 before taking anything.Equipment rooms (DC 2320, DC 3624 and DC 3125) contain combination photocopier-printers-scanners. 
  • If you need to make more than ten copies, have them made through W Print using an online print requisition form. You will need an account number, available from the Undergraduate Studies Administrative Coordinator.
  • The CS printers require print quotas. Contact CSCF to obtain quota. 


  • The Computer Science Computer Facility (CSCF) maintains two computing environments. All faculty, staff and graduate students have accounts on the general or core environment on the core CS servers, The environment is for coursework and is used by the undergraduate students.
  • Printers are available in DC 2320, DC 3624 and DC 3125; contact CSCF to have appropriate permissions set for your printer.
  • Contact the CSCF Help desk, DC2608 x31100, if you need to borrow a laptop for your lectures.
  • Computer problems are reported to CSCF via your point of contact

Lunch and breaks

  • The SCS lounge is in DC3336. It contains a coffee machine, fridge and microwave. Faculty members sometimes have lunchtime gatherings here.
  • There is filtered water available in the kitchen area of DC1330.
  • There are food facilities nearby on the first floor of DC, the third floor of MC, inside the Student Life Centre, at the University Club and at the University Plaza.

Meeting rooms