Healthy Workplace Statement

Two employees walking to a wellness session

The University of Waterloo cares about the health and well-being of all employees and supports a holistic approach to ensuring a healthy workplace environment.

Our Healthy Workplace statement:

In accordance with its philosophy of caring for the individual, and as part of its responsibility to the community in which it resides, the university strives to enhance employee social, emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological health, safety and the quality of their lives. The University strives to achieve its goal of a healthy, sustainable work environment.

The University of Waterloo also believes that healthy employees help to create a healthy organization. Greater health, safety and wellness lead to improved satisfaction and morale, which contribute to a more effective organization. The University feels it is important to attract and retain the best people. This means offering a healthy, safe and supportive work environment.

Our Commitments:

Creating a healthy, safe and supportive work environment requires a comprehensive effort that includes the following key elements of a healthy workplace. We promise to:

  • Foster a healthy, safe, and supportive workplace where individuals are valued, engaged and able to thrive.

  • Create, maintain and ensure a healthy workplace environment, with fair and equitable access for all.

Our Strategies:

We recognize healthy practices are important factors that contribute to personal and professional success and, as such, will focus efforts on:

  • Workplace Culture and Supportive Environment

  • Psychological Health and Wellness in the Workplace

  • Physical Environment and Occupational Health and Safety

  • Health and Lifestyle Practices, Tools, Programs and Systems

Our Roles:

Senior leadership at all levels of the University is committed to supporting all employees by reinforcing a healthy workplace. All employees of the University of Waterloo are accountable for promoting and embracing a healthy workplace environment. It is our responsibility to collectively provide a healthy, safe and supportive workplace.

The Healthy Workplace statement is supported by the Healthy Workplace Committee.