Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Fundamentals


Monday, May 6, 2024 | 12:00 AM (EDT) - 11:55 PM (EDT)

Workshop Overview:

Emotional intelligence encompasses the personal, emotional, and social abilities and skills which allow us to succeed in coping with environmental demands and pressures. Those with high emotional intelligence readily recognize their feelings, manage their reactions, and build positive interactions with others. In this guided asynchronous course, we will unpack what emotional intelligence is. Then, we’ll learn to develop our emotional intelligence to improve our personal resilience and performance, and learn to skillfully apply the appropriate emotions at the appropriate time. 

Join our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Fundamentals in a facilitator-led, asynchronous online learning experience. In this course, our learning specialists will actively engage with participants in the discussion forum and answer questions about the course content. At the end of the course, participants will complete a mini knowledge-check quiz and earn a Workday learning record. We recommend taking Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Fundamentals before Emotional Intelligence at Work.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Perceive your own emotions and gain self-awareness 

  • Manage your own emotions and improve self-regulation 

  • Identify the emotions of others and develop empathy 


A computer or mobile device with internet access is required to access the course on LEARN. 

Intended Audience: 

All UWaterloo Employees 

Workshop Format: 

Online, Guided Asynchronous 


Four weeks (approximately 2 to 3 hours total time commitment) 


Chun Chih Chen - Online Instructional Designer and Learning Specialist